5 Benefits of Shelf Ready Packaging Boxes

Shelf Ready Packaging Boxes

What is retail ready packaging? Essentially retail ready packaging is the same as shelf ready packaging boxes, both are used to protect the goods inside the box during transportation, as well as improve supply chain efficiency. It is mainly made out of corrugated cardboard, which is used to protect the products during transportation.

Shelf Ready Packaging Can Lower Your Environmental Footprint

One of the main benefits of shelf ready packaging boxes is that they are recyclable. Compared to other types of retail packaging, shelf ready packaging helps to reduce the amount of packaging waste that is typically produced. Retail packaging boxes are compact, therefore minimising freight space and warehousing space. The use of no plastic to protect the products (e.g.bubble wrap, bubble tubes, foam pouches) and to seal the packaging closed (e.g.packaging tape) is an added bonus. Shelf ready packaging boxes are designed and manufactured to fit your specific product meaning fewer materials are required, leading to a reduction in the amount of waste that is being produced. Overall, saving money and space for the retailer alongside reducing their carbon footprint.

Retail Packaging Boxes Are Secure and Durable; Perfect for Transportation

As mentioned above, an essential part of shelf ready packaging is the design of the packaging, which is designed to protect the goods within. Retail packaging boxes are designed and manufactured with your product in mind, ensuring that your product is secured, preventing the product within to break during transportation. The packaging box is made from strong corrugated cardboard, allowing it to be resistant to any impact during transportation (from the manufacturer to the retailer).

Enhance Product Appearance with Unique, Bespoke Retail Packaging Designs

The outside of shelf ready packaging boxes is designed with the product in mind. It should be the same in terms of the product/brand name and the colours of the product so that it reflects the brand and is consistent. This is not limited to just one side of the retail packaging; it should be replicated across all sides of the packaging as you may not know how retailers will place the product in stores.

Cost-effective Retail Packaging Solutions

Due to retail packaging being designed to fit the product, fewer additional materials/ items (e.g.bubble wrap) are required, leading to a reduction in costs for the brand, manufacturer and the customer. Thus, leading to higher profit margins. If additional packaging such as foam pouches and bubble wrap was used it would increase the costs for the brand, manufacturer and the customer as it would be an additional cost.

Retail Ready Packaging is Easy to Open and Store

Using retail ready packaging eliminates the need for knives (and any other additional tools) used to cut open packaging. During transportation and in warehouses, shelf ready packaging boxes can be stacked, allowing for more space for other goods. The majority of the time you can rip open the top and the side of the box, otherwise known as a two-part tray and hood and then display the rest of the box and the products within on the shelf.

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