5 Ways to Protect Products in Transit to Customers


Online shopping has become a global trend. As a result, more consumers are making use of online purchases as opposed to conventional shopping in malls. In addition, online shopping is more convenient due to the delivery option that comes with it.

Ecommerce packaging is vital for any service provider who is supplying goods. You have to ensure that your products reach your client in excellent shape.
According to research, some of the underlying reasons for the damage of goods while in transit are:

  • Impact
  • Vibration
  • Temperature/humidity
  • Poor handling
  • Wrong Packaging
  • Static Charges
  • Moisture.

To beat the competition, companies are strategizing on innovative ways to cut delivery time and costs. However, this should not compromise the quality of goods you're delivering.

To achieve maximum efficiency in your eCommerce packaging design, here are a few pointers on what you should consider.

Choose The Correct Box Size

It’s advisable to set aside a certain amount of about 5% of the value of your products for packaging material. Packaging for eCommerce accounts for approximately less than 10% of the supply chain costs. It’s an area you shouldn't compromise with as it will directly affect the nature of your goods upon arrival.

You need to select the appropriate size of packaging material for your goods. Avoid the use of large packaging for small goods. Instead, use an adequately sized box that fits your products well.

Use The Correct Materials

With eCommerce packaging, appropriately treating your products is a general rule of thumb. Shrink films are an ideal material commonly used for eCommerce packaging. They are lightweight and provide the best printing results.
You can also demonstrate your organization's environmental obligation with the use of environmental-friendly packaging materials. You need to assess the various climatic conditions that expose your products to detrimental factors and find the proper packaging to protect them while in transit.

Fill in Void Space

After selecting the right packaging material, you need to ensure that your product is in less motion while in transit. The use of void-fill material is effective in preventing your items from rolling inside your eCommerce packaging boxes.

For smaller packages, you can make use of corrugated cardboard, kraft paper, or packing peanuts. With enormous loads, the use of pallet wrap or dunnage airbags are essential.

Wrap Products Correctly

You need to secure your products from any impact that may arise. Mishandling is one of the top reasons behind damaged goods, especially for online stores.

With the proper impact protection, your goods will reach their intended destination safely. Bubble wrap and brown paper are ideal choices for effective impact protection.

Custom Ecommerce Packaging for Products

One way to enhance customer retention is through custom packaging for eCommerce. Customers love the type of packaging that is easy to open and dispose of as well.

With custom packaging, you can elevate your brand. Clients will appreciate your creativity in eCommerce packaging boxes. More so, your products will fit your packages with more precision compared to the normal-sized boxes.

Finally, eCommerce packaging is not only about the type of materials you select. It generally improves your customer’s experience, motivating them to come back. With that said, consider the above insights to help you boost your packaging for a holistic business effect.

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