Christmas Packaging: Maximise Impact and Eliminate Product Damage with Diamondbox’s Ecommerce Packaging

Christmas Packaging

If you are looking for a solution to your eCommerce packaging needs at Christmas, DiamondBox is here to help. Choosing the right Christmas Packaging is crucial for your eCommerce businesses, as it can reduce damage in transit, improve branding, be more sustainable, and manage shipping costs.

The Importance of Christmas Packaging

Christmas is one of the most important times of year for retailers and it's also one of the busiest eCommerce periods. Online spending increases by over 50% during the Christmas period, which offers an excellent opportunity for eCommerce businesses.

You will attract more visitors and if you can convert them into regular customers, you increase long term sales. However, it’s important that you provide an excellent service and choosing the right Christmas packaging is a big part of that. Broken products or unsustainable packaging could be the difference between a repeat customer and somebody that never uses your products again.

But not all packaging for eCommerce is created equal - you must consider what you need in your eCommerce packaging so that you can reduce the risk of product damage while your package is in transit as well as improve sustainability.

Utilise Durable Ecommerce Packaging

Durable eCommerce packaging should offer protection from moisture (such as rain or snow), be able to withstand drops along its journey without breaking and be able to keep your products safe during the eCommerce process - e.g., scanning, picking and packing.

It's also important that packaging is secure enough to stop the product from shifting during transit. If products move around inside the eCommerce shipping boxes, the risk of breakages is drastically increased. Breakages in transit lead to a very poor customer experience and they are also very expensive because your business has to absorb the cost of replacing the damaged products.

Ecommerce Packaging: The DiamondBox Solution

Ensure Product Protection and Secure Delivery

DiamondBox's eCommerce packaging is a great solution for eCommerce brands looking to protect their products and ensure the safe delivery of their products. Void fill can be used to fill the gaps in the box, stopping the product from shifting around in transit and getting damaged. Custom eCommerce packaging that perfectly fits the shape of the product also offers superior protection. Custom Christmas packaging can also help to manage shipping costs by reducing the size of the boxes, meaning that more products can be shipped in each load. Using standardised sizes often means that you are paying for a much larger box than you need.

Utilise Our Sustainable Packaging

Sustainability is a key concern for modern consumers. As such, eCommerce businesses must use environmentally friendly methods in all areas, including packaging and shipping. Although plastic packaging is cheaper, 75% of consumers are willing to pay a bit more if it means that they get a more sustainable option. Materials like cardboard or biodegradable plastic can be just as durable as standard plastics, without the negative environmental impact.

As your eCommerce business starts preparing for the Christmas rush, you need to put some serious thought into your Christmas packaging. Using durable, sustainable materials will ensure that products are protected and your customers are always happy.

Don't Wait; Make A Lasting Impact This Christmas with Bespoke Ecommerce Packaging

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