Ecommerce Packaging: The Benefits of Switching to Diamond Box


Packaging for eCommerce products can be more challenging to design than manufacturers expect. It’s much more complicated than many companies believe. You’ll have multiple decisions to make, such as the colours and whether or not you want a sustainable packaging design.

Then there’s the choice of whether you’ll go with more bespoke eCommerce packaging. Regardless, Diamond Box has you covered, with there being multiple reasons to choose us as your custom eCommerce packaging manufacturer.

Sustainable Ecommerce Packaging

Most companies now need a sustainable packaging design, thanks to various laws and regulations. Correctly making these can often be difficult and expensive. That’s not the case with Diamond Box, as we can create environmentally-friendly, custom eCommerce packaging that shouldn’t break the bank.

Ensuring that your packaging meets eco-friendly standards wouldn’t be a problem with us. It also means that you’ll get sustainable packaging for eCommerce products that you and your customers will love.

Custom Designed Packaging with IterumFIVE

Colours will be an important part of your eCommerce packaging. It helps create a great first impression for your customers. You’ll want this to be as high-quality as possible. You can do so with our IterumFIVE printing system. Taking advantage of this lets you more effectively use your branding.

That’s done by taking advantage of up to five colours across the package. These colours are spread across the interior and exterior of your packaging, letting you customize it as you see fit. That will help it reflect your branding much better.

That should help you create more bespoke eCommerce packaging relatively easily. Since your packaging for eCommerce products need to properly reflect your brand, using IterumFIVE could be an effective option.

Increased Durability That Ensures Secure Delivery

Outside of how packaging for eCommerce products look, you’ll need to make sure it’s secure. If your eCommerce packaging is not durable, then you risk its contents breaking before it gets to your customer. That will inevitably lead to refunds and a relatively negative brand reputation.

With Diamond Box, that shouldn’t be an issue. Our sustainable packaging design is as secure and durable as possible. Coupled with an easy returns policy, you shouldn’t have any issues looking after your custom eCommerce packaging.


Every manufacturer has to look after their costs. Packaging for eCommerce products will be one area that can become pretty expensive. Yet it doesn’t have to be. Diamond Box understands that not all companies are the same - they’ll have different needs and budgets.

We’ll work with you to determine your eCommerce packaging needs while developing a strategy that suits your firm. With varied sizes, styles, and colour options, you can create bespoke eCommerce packaging at an affordable price.

Creating eCommerce packaging that fits your company’s needs can be much more complicated than you’d initially expect. There’s crafting a sustainable packaging design, choosing the right colours, size, and much more. You shouldn’t have to worry too much about this, however.

Getting your custom eCommerce packaging at an affordable price shouldn’t be a problem when you’re working with the right supplier.

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