How Bespoke eCommerce Packaging Plays a Vital Role During the Festive Season

bespoke eCommerce Packaging for The Festive Season

With the festive season nearly upon us, eCommerce companies are scaling up their operations, ready to supply consumers with the vast quantities of items that they will undoubtedly order before Christmas day. And, as with the rest of the year, packaging plays an important role.

In this post, we take a look at how bespoke gift packages for Christmas enhance your store’s appeal.

Festive Packaging Plays a Significant Role During the Buyer’s Journey

Most marketing professionals understand that seasonal branding is important. Specifically, it appeals to consumers through engaging emotion. Customers have warm, fuzzy associations with the holiday season, and festive packaging can bring it on.

The first-time prospects interact with bespoke eCommerce packaging is not when it arrives on their porch – it’s when they see it on your website. It is often the first step towards creating positive associations with your brand. Later on, when the product finally arrives, the packaging can change how they feel about you entirely.

Increase Sales with Bespoke Ecommerce Packaging

Bespoke eCommerce packaging can also enhance sales by encouraging buyers to come back for more. Getting bespoke eCommerce packaging right requires combining your brand with seasonal themes. Failing to modify your packaging enough won’t spark the Christmas spirit. However, changing it too much can lead to inconsistency with your branding.

Bespoke eCommerce packaging attempts to get the balance just right. It keeps the main format of your product packaging design while adding a little seasonal twist to make your brand more appealing during the Christmas period.

Provide First Rate Festive Ecommerce Packaging

With everyone trying to grab consumers’ attention at this time of year, it is essential to choose “first-rate” bespoke eCommerce packaging. In practice, that means choosing packaging that not only heralds the arrival of the season, but that also makes your brand stand out.

Providing customers with premium eCommerce packaging is a great way to increase sales while also improving your brand's reputation. Creating unique, high-quality packaging that provides your customers with a memorable unboxing experience will encourage them to order from you again.

The Key Role of Design in Festive Packaging

Gift packages for Christmas need to convey positive connotations associated with the time of year, such as cosy log fires, snow, presents and great food. Designs that include these themes affect how customers perceive you. If they feel good after getting an item in the post, they are much more likely to order from your online store in the future.

Festive packaging, for instance, should be exciting. It needs eye-catching graphics that relate to the festive season, such as sleds, Santas, baubles, and candy canes. It also needs a twist that reflects your brand (such as putting a Santa hat over the top of your logo).

Play with bespoke eCommerce packaging designs that suit your brand. Find iconography that is formal, laid-back, fun-loving, serious, light-hearted or joyful to fit your company narrative.

Sustainability: The Vital Role It Plays in Festive Packaging

Lastly, sustainable eCommerce packaging solutions are also becoming more important. Consumers want them. Companies that don’t provide them are placing themselves in an inferior position compared to their competition.

According to research, the holiday season generates 25 per cent more waste than the rest of the year. Therefore, it's vital that you look to utilise eCommerce packaging for your products that are recyclable and biodegradable, as these green packaging solutions will help to reduce the amount of waste in landfills.

Maximise The Impact of Your Christmas Packaging by Switching to Diamondbox's Ecommerce Packaging

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