3 Ways to Make Your Ecommerce Business More Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally Friendly Ecommerce Packaging

As an eCommerce business, you are responsible for your products from start to finish. This includes the packaging that your items are delivered in and what happens after they are used. You have a choice of either recycling or throwing away the packaging.

For many businesses, this means sending their single-use plastics back into circulation where they can be recycled time and time again. The problem with this method is that it relies on other people doing their part too, which isn't always possible due to lack of facilities or just not knowing how to recycle properly! So, what's the solution? Well, you could make environmentally-friendly changes to your business, like using sustainable environmentally friendly packaging materials or making sure all packages come with clear instructions on how best to dispose of them.

Listed below are three ways to make your eCommerce business more environmentally friendly.

Utilise Green Delivery Methods

There are many advantages to using Green Delivery methods, with one main benefit being that it reduces carbon emissions by up to 70%. This is because there is no need for goods to be transported via vehicles that run on fossil fuels! The other major advantage is that Green Delivery encourages reusability meaning less waste goes into landfill sites where plastics will take decades, if not centuries, to decompose naturally. Paper based products generally only take around 60 days before they start breaking down, so this is the perfect solution for eCommerce businesses.

Switch To Sustainable Corrugated Packaging

Packaging is one of the most important parts of product delivery, but it can often be overlooked. Corrugated packaging has many benefits to eCommerce businesses, including durability, lighter weight and reusable options, which are all environmentally friendly. There are also some great eco-friendly brands that you could look into partnering with so your business makes a difference in terms of sustainable packaging materials.

This includes DiamondBox. At DiamondBox, we offer 100% recyclable corrugated cardboard boxes and recycled paper filler pads made from renewable sources like FSC approved forests or Green Leaves certified pulp mills. It's even possible to get boxes printed on both sides when needed making them an excellent choice if you're looking at increasing brand awareness via promotional marketing campaigns. For more information, click here.

Eliminate Single-Use Plastics

Every single-use plastic item you eliminate from your business is one less piece of waste that will go to the landfill. It's estimated that the world uses around 500 billion disposable items per year, so it's fair to say a lot is being used right now! One simple way eCommerce businesses can reduce their reliance on plastics is by making sure all packaging has clear recycling instructions, making it easier for customers. However, if this isn't possible, look into switching to sustainable materials like paper-based products or even biodegradable options.

In conclusion, there are many ways to make your business more environmentally friendly. From the materials you use for sustainable packaging through to how much waste goes into landfill sites, it's up to you what changes you want to make to positively impact our planet.

Want To Go Green? Learn More About the Benefits of Using Sustainable Ecommerce Packaging by Reading Our Guide

Looking to go green? Discover the benefits of utilising sustainable eCommerce packaging for your products by checking out our guide here.

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