4 Packaging Design Tricks to Protect Your Ecommerce Packaging During Transit

Packaging Design

The figures show that about 69% of packages end up damaged, in bad shape upon arrival to their recipients, or are not delivered at all. This could be due to a wide range of factors including the packaging design. While some people may shrug it off, some will not accept damaged packages, especially if it affects the product. If you’re into eCommerce and rely on a transit system to deliver your products to your clients, the last thing you want to tolerate is damaged packages, and even worse, damaged products, as this can cause you to lose customers. While you can’t do much about the transit process, you can take advantage of various eCommerce packaging design tricks to offer better protection during transit.

Choose The Right Packaging Materials

One of the best ways to eliminate product damage during transit is to switch to a durable eCommerce packaging solution when packing for shipment. The packaging you use for your products is as important as the product itself. A client that receives a damaged product or package is less likely to make another order from you.

That means you need to choose the right type of packaging for eCommerce. The right type here means focusing on packaging designs and materials that are durable enough to withstand the rigorousness of transit.

Design Unique, Compact Product Packaging

If you want to ensure that your products are not subjected to the risks of damages during the transit process, it’s best to opt for a custom packaging design. With this, your product’s packaging can be customised in a way that matches or suits the size, shape, and design of the product to make it safer during transit.

This option offers a huge advantage over standard packaging designs. While there are several great standard packaging designs to choose from, they don’t offer enough packaging protection, as they haven’t been designed or manufactured with your product in mind. That means they usually leave gaps that cause the products to move and break while in transit.

Utilise Sustainable Impact Protection Materials

Materials like top-quality corrugated cardboard offer a perfect mix of sustainability and product protection. Packaging solutions designed from corrugated cardboard are robust and hard-wearing. In addition, they can easily accommodate any type of product and its size and design, reducing the risk of impact and possible damage in the process. But that’s not all, the materials used and the final product can also be completely recycled. So, that’s an absolute win-win.

Void Materials

Void materials or void fills can also play a crucial role in eliminating the damages caused to your products. Void materials are one of the most used packaging protection materials to eradicate damages when products are in transit. As mentioned earlier, using a general packaging design solution can create voids or spaces in the packages, where void materials come in.

As the name suggests, void materials fill voids left between the packages and product. There are many materials available to fill such voids, including some types of paper paddings, airbags, foam, loosefill, and so on. Although you can choose any of these materials, you should take sustainability requirements into consideration.

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