Packaging For Ecommerce: How to Make an Impact

Packaging for Ecommerce

Consumer behaviours and trends have significantly changed over the last decade, drastically changing the retail experience. The modern-day customer does not need to head to a brick-and-mortar store, replacing the trips with simple clicks and waiting for delivery at the doorstep.

The exponential growth of e-commerce presents a challenge to brands, forcing them to rethink how to provide an unforgettable buying experience to their online customers. One excellent way to deliver the experience is through packaging for eCommerce.

Packaging For Ecommerce: Why Is It Important?

You may have less than seven seconds to create an impression in the mind of a consumer. It can be hard to change the perception towards your brand later on. First impressions matter and your product's packaging may be the first item that the consumer will note after delivery.

Research shows that nearly as many customers believe that the packaging is as important as the brand itself. Bespoke packaging for eCommerce can serve as an extension of your brand image, shaping how consumers feel and relate to your products.

Besides, packaging can increase customer retention and overall lifetime value. A positive customer experience can add to the excitement of receiving orders from your brand, building on loyalty and repeat business.

How To Make a Lasting Impact?

Your products may need to have unique packaging that sets you apart from the competition. Here are four ways brands can improve their packaging for eCommerce and create a lasting impression.

Utilise Sustainability

The new generation of consumers is increasingly socially conscious, acting on their beliefs and convictions when buying products. Your brand's pledge towards a greener future needs to reflect on the type of packaging you use. You should consider using sustainable materials for your eCommerce packaging.

With increasing government oversight over environmental responsibilities, sustainable packaging for eCommerce will not only keep you on the right side of the law but also shape your customer's views about your eco-goals.

Packaging In Colour

The internet is chock-full with research about the psychology of colours. Consumers can assess your brand value based on the colours used in your packaging for eCommerce. Visual aids such as hues have the power to evoke emotions and feelings in your target consumers.

Getting the colour wrong may result in the excellent packaging design getting ignored. You can inject distinction into your product's appearance through contrast and matches.

Provide A Sensory Unboxing Experience

Unboxing videos are popular on social media and streaming platforms, generating millions of views for the content creators. You can forge the right impression for your products by creating a sensory unboxing experience.

Immediately revealing the product to the consumer once the box is open may eliminate the mystery and sense of anticipation. Luxury packaging such as ribbons and customized bubble wrap designs can provide bespoke packaging solutions that offer a tactile advantage for your brand.

Unique Ecommerce Packaging Designs

Cardboard packaging with a brown box is synonymous with e-commerce shipping across the globe. You can set your brand apart by reimagining your packaging design, materials, and shape. Opting for an unexpected box can pique a customer's interest, creating a lasting impact in their mind.

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