Delicious Packaging Solutions For Food Cupboard Products

Take a stroll along the aisle of an average supermarket and the first thing you’ll notice is the sheer range of products on offer. From bottles and jars to boxes, pouches and cartons, food items will be piled high on all sides, making it incredibly difficult to decide exactly which one you want to purchase. At Diamond Box we understand the key role that packaging can play in this decision making process, and when you partner with us you can be certain the sustainable packaging we provide will make a vital difference.

Unique and Appealing Food Cupboard Packaging

The first and most important aspect of the packaging we provide is that it’s up to the task in hand. We’re the leading UK providers of packaging solutions for one reason above all others – the packaging we provide gets the job done. Our in-house team of technicians work with the best designers and the latest equipment to devise packaging solutions which combine innovation with practicality. Work with us and your food cupboard packaging will keep your products safe and whole first and foremost.

On the basis that you can be certain of the practical benefits of our packaging, you’ll then have the freedom to concentrate on thinking about its marketing impact. Bespoke design and the IterumFIVE dual printing process enable us to produce packaging solutions which are unique and can make all the difference when the consumer is scanning the supermarket shelf.

We know how business works and we understand that the fast moving supply lines of the food industry have to run seamlessly to keep the shelves stocked and your business turning over. Our SpeedSTOCK facility enables us to deliver any order to the tightest possible deadline, and whether you order multiple mass produced units or a small number of bespoke items, we’ll guarantee the same blend of quality and value.

Contact us today on 0121 505 2211, or by emailing and our team will discuss exactly what we can provide for you.

Food Cupboard Packaging