Delicious Packaging For The Freshest Produce

We’ve worked in the fresh produce packaging sector for long enough to know exactly what’s required. We know that the instant an item of fresh produce has been picked, dug up or harvested it has to be packed and shipped. Any delay in the process can impact on the freshness of the produce, and the sustainable packaging solutions we provide are designed with speed and convenience as a basic requirement. Once the fresh produce has been packed, the packaging has to be robust enough to protect it from the rigours of shipping, but lightweight enough to facilitate easy handling and reduce costs.

Fresh Produce Packaging For Retailers, Packers and Growers

At Diamond Box we understand that fresh produce packaging has to be equally tailored to packers, growers and retailers. A seamless supply chain is needed in order to ensure that goods arrive on the supermarket shelves while they are still fresh, and the global nature of the food market now means that this might come at the end of an extremely long journey.

Our SpeedSTOCK facility enables us to deliver packaging solutions at extremely short notice, allowing food producers to factor in the natural fluctuations which are always present in the supply of fresh produce.

The final role played by fresh produce packaging is that of marketing the product in question once it’s actually on the shelf. We’ll work with you to create bespoke packaging solutions which tie in with your wider branding and play a key role in making the product look appealing to the end consumer.

When the choice of product is often made in a split second, our packaging solutions could be the factor which places you in pole position ahead of the competition.

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Fresh Produce Packaging