Pet Food Packaging For Freshness And Flavour

The issues which have to be dealt with when providing packaging for pet food are pretty similar to those which apply when dealing with food intended for human consumption. At Diamond Box we understand this, and we’ve got the experience to understand that just because its pet food that’s being shipped doesn’t mean any corners can be cut.

Standards And Quality Of Packaging For Pet Food

The standards which apply to pet food are increasingly as high as those applied to any other type of food. Pet lovers want to feed their animals with food which is fresh, healthy, free from additives and, in many cases, manufactured from organic ingredients. The sustainable packing for food like this has to be designed to ensure that the journey from production to point of sale doesn’t cause any kind of damage.

We’ll work closely with you to design packaging solutions which are fully in line with the branding of your product, and have the impact needed to make it stand out from the competition and tempt the undecided pet owner.

Our SpeedSTOCK facility means that you can come to us with a tight deadline and we’ll turn the order around, while the IterumFIVE process we use enables multi-coloured packaging solutions. To put it simply, if you need it, we can make it happen, and before you know it your product will be filling the best looking package on the pet food aisle.

Contact us today on 0121 505 2211, or by emailing and our team will discuss exactly what we can provide for you.

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