Packaging For The Full Range Of Rubber And Plastic Products

Designing packaging for rubber and plastic products means coming up with an incredibly wide range of solutions. In simple terms, a rubber and plastic product could be virtually any shape or size, from a washer for a tap through to a washing up bowl all the way up to a large component for a piece of factory floor machinery. In all cases, you’ll want to be certain that the packaging you’re using will keep your product safe, secure and free from damage from the moment it leaves you to when it reaches the end user.

Custom Designed Packaging For Rubber & Plastics Products

Our sustainable packaging for rubber and plastic products offer exactly that kind of certainty. No matter what the shape and size of the product is, we can create a packaging solution which means it can be shipped with complete confidence.

Modern supply lines are often global in nature, and the packaging we supply is designed and manufactured with this kind of transportation in mind. From lorry to ferry or plane and back again, the packaging we provide will keep your products safe, and will maximise ease of handling.

Our designers will work closely with you to create custom packaging with, if required, special features such as handles and perforations. Thanks to our SpeedSTOCK facility, our team can turn even the most complex orders around quickly, enabling you to maintain your chain of supply.

In addition to this, our IterumFIVE dual print processes mean that a broad ranging colour palette can be offered, making it possible to colour code specific products in a way which will simplify both storage and transportation. Whether you need to send large rubber and plastic products across the world, or small ones to the other side of your city, our packaging will make sure they arrive in perfect condition.

Contact us today on 0121 505 2211, or by emailing and our team will discuss exactly what we can provide for you.

Rubber Plastics Packaging