Highly Effective Tobacco Packaging

We’ve been delivering packaging solutions for years, and in that time we’ve grown to become the number one name in the industry. A large part of this rise can be put down to the sheer range of items which we provide packaging for. From pet food to flowers, and electronics to fish, we can provide bespoke packaging which is tailored to meet a highly specific need, while always maintaining certain strict standards. The same is true of the tobacco packaging which we provide.

High Standard Packaging For Tobacco Products

When you come to us for your tobacco packaging you’ll find yourself working with a genuine partner who has a deep understanding of your requirements. We understand that tobacco shipments need to be carried in packaging which maintains a specific environment in order to keep the tobacco itself in the best possible condition.

Supply lines in this industry are often global in nature, and the packaging we provide has been designed to withstand even the longest journey.

This is down to both the strength of the materials used and the high tech nature of the manufacturing process.

Our technicians use the latest equipment and up to the minute developments in the industry to create sustainable tobacco packaging solutions which combine maximum protection with ease of use.

Keeping supply lines running smoothly means making the packing process as simple as possible, and the lightweight nature of our solutions will also play a role in driving down shipping costs and raising profits.

Our SpeedSTOCK facility means that we can turn orders around extremely quickly, so if you need to meet a tight deadline without risking the quality of the packaging you use – and therefore the condition your tobacco arrives at the destination in – then come to Diamond Box.

Contact us today on 0121 505 2211, or by emailing sales@diamond-box.co.uk and our team will discuss exactly what we can provide for you.

Tobacco Packaging