Shelf Ready Packaging: Why Choose Diamond Box?

Retail Ready Packaging

Here at Diamond Box, we work with businesses to create eye-catching graphics for your shelf ready packaging using IterumFIVE. We offer 100% recyclable material for any type of shelf ready packaging a business creates alongside creating packaging that meets your customers’ needs and your business’ needs.

What is Shelf Ready Packaging?

Shelf ready packaging, otherwise known as retail cardboard packaging and retail shipping boxes, is a way of protecting products whilst they are being transported, whilst simultaneously improving efficiency and reducing waste. From the use of durable packaging to easier handling, we will work with you to ensure that your shelf ready packaging meets the needs of retailers, customers and most importantly, the needs of your business.

Utilise Eye-Catching Graphics with IterumFIVE

IterumFIVE is the name of our printing system that has the ability to print up to 3 colours on the inside of the box and up to 2 colours on the outside of the box.

We work with businesses to ensure that their shelf ready packaging design is in line with their business’ brand, as well as ensuring it meets customer expectations. We understand that there is a need for consistency between the retail cardboard packaging and the product inside, achieving this correspondence every time. Thus, making your product stand out from the competition and helping to increase customer sales.

Providing 100% Recyclable Shelf Ready Packaging

With the UK becoming a world leader (as of 2020) for sustainable packaging, it paves way for more sustainable packaging methods to enter the packaging sector. Here at Diamond Box, our shelf ready packaging is both sustainable and 100% recyclable. By partnering with us to design and manufacture sustainable shelf ready packaging, you are helping improve your brand’s image in terms of reducing your carbon footprint, in turn, showing potential customers that your brand is environmentally conscious. As no additional protective packaging is required, such as bubble wrap and foam sheets, when retail shipping boxes are being transported, a business can reduce manufacturing costs, and ultimately, help businesses to save money.

Designing and Manufacturing Secure Retail Cardboard Packaging

Upon designing shelf ready packaging, retail packaging manufacturers and suppliers (such as DiamondBox) will work with you to ensure that the shelf ready packaging meets your product’s specific requirements

We adapt the sizing and the look of the shelf ready packaging design to ensure that your products are best protected and easily accessible. One of the main benefits with retail packaging is that it can be opened simply, with customers being able to select a product from the packaging and put it back if they choose not to buy it. It is also critical that packaging can fit on stock shelves.

With retail shipping boxes we further consider how retail store employees will open the packaging. Retail store employees need to open the packaging quickly in order to access the products within, without any damage, through the use of perforated edges and clear labels.

A final factor in the making of shelf ready packaging is the need for it to be durable. Damaged products will ultimately lead to more costs for your business, therefore, at DiamondBox, we work with you to ensure that your products have durable packaging fit for their application.

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