The Growth Hackers Guide to Boosting Brand Visibility In 2021

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Why Is Brand Visibility So Important?

As a company, you won’t attract or keep many customers if people don’t have a strong awareness of who you are and what you do. The visibility of your brand is critical in determining how successful your business will be.

5 Ways to Boost Your Brand’s Visibility

Make Your Brand More Social

Establishing your business on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube are key if you want to get exposure. Set up a business account and become active on these social platforms. Regularly communicating with your target market is a sure way to attract more customers and keep old customers coming back for more.

Invest In High-Quality Ecommerce Packaging

You should aim to make the values of your brand stand out. Invest in some customised eCommerce packaging that not only protects your product but leaves a bold statement about your business. If done correctly, customers will be left with lasting impressions and will certainly not forget your business anytime soon.

eCommerce packaging can be a powerful marketing tool because it greatly influences how a customer perceives the product and your business as a whole. Research has demonstrated that customers form a judgement about your brand in as little as 7 seconds, therefore, investing in high-quality eCommerce packaging is vital if you want consumers to think favourably of your brand and products.

There are major benefits to be gained from using eCommerce packaging such as:

  • Reducing your carbon footprint (81% of customers believe companies should do more to help the planet)
  • Increasing your brand's visibility online
  • Reaching more customers, including those who are in your target market
  • Protecting your products (this prevents damages and therefore refunds)
  • A better first impression

Influencers And Partners

If done correctly, influencer marketing can significantly increase your brand visibility. To do this, you’ll need to first identify which social media platform to target, for instance, opt for Instagram or LinkedIn if your business is in the beauty or travel industry.

Another way to achieve better brand visibility is to partner with other more established businesses. Doing this will allow your business to be noticed on a larger scale which will bring in more customers, being associated with a good business also makes customers perceive you as trustworthy.

Invest In a Professional Website

A good business website is imperative if you want more brand visibility. You need to be online in order to reach virtual customers and grow your business. Here’s a rundown of the benefits of investing in a professional business website:

  • A credible and reputable looking business
  • Compatible with mobile phones
  • Optimised for search engines
  • Fast website

Utilise Paid Advertisements

The purpose of paid advertisements is to allow more traffic to come to your business. You can purchase paid adverts and put them on popular sites where you think your target market is going to be. Utilising this type of marketing is good for two reasons:

  • You can track your ad and optimise it accordingly
  • In the long run, you can acquire a better picture of your total cost per acquisition

Want To Take Your Branding Out on The Open Road? Find Out How by Checking Out Our Guide

Brand visibility is a very important aspect of business marketing because without good brand visibility your business will not generate many customer leads or sales. You can achieve good brand visibility by using social media, investing in high-quality eCommerce packaging, becoming an influencer, sourcing out business partners, setting up a business website and buying advertisements.

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