Corrugated Packaging: What to Expect In 2022


Increased Demand for Corrugated Packaging

Thanks to its sustainability, as well as the advantages it offers when it comes to safe and effective transportation of products, corrugated packaging has always been popular. However, the newest trend in 2022 sees an increased demand for corrugated packaging. This change can largely be attributed to the growing overall popularity of eCommerce over recent years. However, that may not be all there is to the equation.

Why are Businesses Switching to Corrugated Packaging?

Aside from a generally increased need for packaging that does well in delivery environments, there are new innovations in corrugated packaging that are making it even more suited to the demands of the modern consumer. Here are a few reasons businesses are switching to corrugated packaging.

Consumer Trends: The Continued Rise of Ecommerce

Ecommerce purchases have increased in Europe by roughly a fifth over the past couple of years, and some estimates suggest an eCommerce economy of $5.5 trillion. So, why is corrugated cardboard used for packaging in these environments? Corrugated materials are highly-durable, reducing the risk of your packaging being damaged during transportation or when being handled within a warehouse. this sturdy material is going to be more and more in demand as eCommerce sees packages getting handled on average more than twenty times.

Sustainability First

As the general public, including legislation makers, consumers, and business owners, come face to face with a growing climate crisis, the need for sustainable packaging materials has never been higher. Corrugated cardboard makes for ideal sustainable packaging materials due to the fact corrugated cardboard is easier to recycle, with plenty of methods already commonly used in turning cardboard pulp into new forms of containerboard. As such, using corrugated packaging can better allow companies to stick within recommendations such as the government’s sustainability plan.

Interactive Packaging

The packaging that you use can do more than simply keep your products, safe, as well. They can be part of the value that you provide your customers. There are a lot of advantages to cardboard box printing (which we will cover a little more), but the ability to print QR codes on your box. As such, your customers can scan these QR codes that allow them to access all manner of content, including instructions on how to use products and future product data. Reducing your reliance on print materials, meaning you use less paper. QR codes could potentially be used in logistics to help better track deliveries across their various stages, too.

Advancements in Digital Printing

QR codes are far from the only benefit enabled by the improvements in corrugated box printing, as well. With so many businesses going online, there is an increased need for brands to stamp their identity on their packaging deliveries to better tie the entire delivery experience to their name, which can help foster brand recognition and loyalty. To that end, advancements in digital cardboard box printing allow for much more accurate, detailed and clean representations of brand imagery, including logos, colours, and more. Many shops no longer have the storefront or signage to create the visual impact that can help make a brand recognisable, so corrugated box printing can allow you to creatively find alternatives.

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