Bespoke Box Solutions

tailor-made for your business requirements

We’ll work to deliver the best possible product, and a large part of that promise is based around our ability to deliver bespoke box solutions.

Bespoke Box Solutions

All of our boxes have certain things in common

They’ll be manufactured from corrugated cardboard which offers a lightweight, sustainable but robust solution, and they’ll be designed to be as quick and efficient during the packaging process as possible. However, there are many occasions on which the standard box shapes we offer aren’t up to the task in hand. That’s when our skill and experience with bespoke box designing comes to the fore.

The use of state of the art 3D CAD technology means that each client can be shown exactly what we can do for them in a clear and easily understood manner. In many cases, this means adding features such as locking tabs, hinged lids and self-sealing strips. Our die-cut facilities allow for the creation of flat pack packaging which features holes, handles, perforations or address panels.

Our iterumFIVE technology lets us print two colours on the outside of a bespoke box and three on the inside, enabling us to create solutions which align with the wider branding of a business and enhance the packaging and un-packaging experience.

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    What are bespoke box solutions?

    Bespoke box solutions are the opposite of ‘off the shelf’ box solutions. Rather than having to make do with standardised styles and formats, clients can come to us with specialised requirements and we’ll work to design a box that is unique to them.

    Why do I require a bespoke designed box?

    Bespoke boxes are the ideal solution in two circumstances. The first of these is if the item that needs to be sent doesn’t fit into a conventionally shaped box, or the box needs extra features such as specific handles or flaps in order to carry the contents safely. The second reason to opt for a bespoke box is so that it can have a specific shape or colour scheme to align with your wider branding. This is often the case for ecommerce boxes and gift boxes.

    Need your Bespoke Box Solutions as soon as possible?

    Our SpeedSTOCK Facilities enable us to deliver our solutions to clients on time even with last-minute or emergency deadline orders, even with the most complicated demands you can be assured our services will be to the highest standards.

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