Giftware Packaging

Enhancing the impact of any gift you give

We understand that the impact of any gift can be hugely increased with the use of the right giftware packaging. There can be few things more exciting than receiving a gift delivered to your door. Even if you’re expecting the gift in question, actually holding the package in your hand is bound to be a thrill, and even more so if it’s a complete surprise.

Giftware Packaging

Enhance the Experience of Receiving A Gift with Bespoke Giftware Packaging

Many of our clients are ecommerce or mail order suppliers who send out gifts on behalf of other people. One thing they all demand is giftware packaging which enhances the experience of receiving the gift itself, as well as protecting the contents within. Our unique combination of skills and experience means that we can provide exactly this. In the first instance our giftware packaging is robustly constructed from lightweight cardboard, manufactured to offer maximum protection while keeping postage costs as low as possible.

In addition to this we offer a truly bespoke service. Our team of designers can help every client to create the gift packaging which best complements their items, utilising features such as hinged lids, sliding draws and locking tabs as and when needed.

Our 3D CAD technology makes it easy for clients to visualise the packaging we’re creating for them, and we can also work with an extensive colour palette. IterumFIVE technology means that we can apply two colours to the outside of giftware packaging and three to the inside.

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    What is giftware packaging?

    Giftware packaging is packaging designed to transport gift items in a way which ensures the items reach the recipient in excellent condition, at the same time reflecting the fact that the contents are a gift of some kind through the use of design, colour scheme and decorative touches.

    Almost anything can be gifted, most commonly fragrances, clothes, flowers. That being the case, eCommerce businesses that like to give their customers the option to add that special touch to their delivery options can bolster revenue streams by charging extra for giftware packaging.

    How do our clients use giftware packaging?

    Giftware packaging can be used to ship anything which is intended to be a gift for someone. The appearance becomes part of the experience of receiving the gift. Items that are often sent using giftware packaging include jewellery, cosmetic and beauty products, clothing, accessories and high-tech products.

    We have seen clients using double sided printing and high gloss finishes to add a level of sheen, quality and luxury to their branding. Conversely, we have also seen clients go for a clean minimal 'less-is-more' approach in order to convey an artisanal and sustainable aspect of their brand to their customers.

    Have a last minute order for giftware packaging?

    Even with the complex process of the designing Giftware Packaging, our SpeedSTOCK facility enables us to turn orders around extremely quickly, you can be assured that your items will be designed, manufactured and delivered on time without any drop-in quality.

    We appreciate that demand for gifts is very much subjected to seasonal peaks and troughs. With this in mind we work within your project timelines to make sure that your products hit shops, shelves, and doorsteps exactly when they need to, in packaging that makes them stand out from the competition.

    Does your business have a requirement for giftware packaging? Contact us today on 0121 505 2211, or by emailing and our team will discuss exactly what we can provide for you.

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