Retail Ready Packaging

Retail Ready Packaging that helps to drive sales

Retail Ready Packaging (RRP) is also known as Shelf Ready Packaging (SRP) and it marks the point at which the demands of packaging meet the requirements of retail. Retail ready packaging has to be robust and stable enough to protect products during storage and shipping, at the same time as being designed in a way which maximises the impact of products once they take their place on the shop floor.

Retail Ready Packaging

Maximise Efficiency with Retail Ready Packaging

At Diamond Box we’ve become one of the leading providers of RRP because we’re equally expert at dealing with both of these requirements. We know what it takes to create RRP which enables the smooth running of supply lines, and a quick transition from storage to shelf. We also understand the fundamentals of marketing and branding, and the steps that can be taken to ensure that RRP has a visual appeal which makes it stand out from the competition and drive sales.

Because we work in close partnership with our clients we understand that one of the basic requirements of retail ready packaging is that it works equally well at every point along the chain of distribution. From being easy to stack in a warehouse and simple to load onto transportation, our RRP solutions are also visibly distinctive, easy to open and quick to transfer from the storage room to the shelf of a shop.

Once on the shelf, the design of the packaging will make it easy to identify from the point of view of consumers. Finally, our RRP will work smoothly as a display unit within the shop, and can then be disposed of in a completely sustainable manner.

From beginning to end Diamond Box RRP solutions will speed supply lines, lower costs and drive sales, because we understand that the best packaging solutions are those which impact on the bottom line.

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