Postal Packs

Ensuring your goods are safe, secure and handled with care

Postal packs play a vital role in any business which provides the postal delivery of goods to its customers. Whether you’re posting luxury items on a one off basis or regular shipments of bulk objects such as mechanical components, you need to know that the postal boxes you use ensure everything travels from doorstep to doorstep in perfect condition.

Postal Boxes

Bespoke Postal Packs Tailored to Suit Your Products Needs

Any business that needs to purchase postal packs is looking for a combination of sustainability, durability, quality, value and flexibility. Whether you’re sending items a few miles down the road or across to the other side of the world, you want to be certain that the postal boxes you use are robust enough to keep the items safe, light enough to reduce postal costs to a minimum and quick and convenient to use.

Our design team can work with clients to create die-cut cardboard boxes to a bespoke design, utilising the latest in 3D CAD technology to create tailored boxes which minimise waste, keep costs lower and ensure that the finished postal box is perfectly suited to package the items in question.

When the time comes, our postal packs can be assembled quickly and simply, utilising features such as flaps, locking tabs, hinged lids and self-seal strips to maximise efficiency and speed the time it takes for items to be packaged and posted.

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    What is a Postal Pack?

    A postal pack is a box used to ship items by post. It has to be strong enough to protect the items during shipping at the same time as being lightweight enough to keep postage costs as low as possible.

    What can Postal Packs be used for?

    In simple terms, postal packs can be used to contain any item up to a certain size and deliver it across long distances while keeping it safe. They are robust enough to cope with even the longest journey and at the same time lightweight, which keeps costs down. We can provide boxes with features such as self-sealing strips and lockable tabs in order to maintain the integrity of the contents.

    Need your Postal Packs as quickly as possible?

    With SpeedSTOCK we can provide you with any of our packaging solutions as urgently as you require while keeping to our high standards of service.

    Get in touch by phone on 0121 505 2211, or by email to reach our sales team who will be more than happy to help with any Postal Pack enquiries.

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