Packaging Design

Here at Diamond Box we’re keenly aware of the vital role which excellent designs and ongoing innovation play in keeping us at the forefront of our chosen market

We don’t see great design as an end in itself, however, we see it as part of the way in which we help to add value to every business we work with. The quality of the designs we produce is centred upon the impact they will have on the bottom line of our customers.

Our designs process is all about partnership. We work with you to understand exactly what you need, and then we explain precisely how we can achieve the right solutions using the best value options in terms of materials, production, transport, storage and display. Our experience and expertise in both design and manufacturing means that we promise to deliver fit for purpose solutions every time, all the time.

To begin the process, contact one of our designers. They will liaise directly with you, asking the right questions and gaining the correct insights, until they know exactly what your requirements are. This level of interaction will be reflected in the design and manufacture of your project, which will meet the needs you came to Diamond Box with in every possible way.

The skills and experience of our people is augmented by the use of the latest 3D CAD software and sample making technology.

Combine the technology with the personnel and you have an unbeatable designs package – one which guarantees solutions which are innovative and combine the best quality with in-built value.

Packaging Design Diamond Box