Bakery Packaging That Keeps Everything Fresh

Bakery packaging is all about freshness. From the products kept inside to the branding on the outside, bakery packaging should deliver clean, fresh and appetising results. At Diamond Box we understand the full value of packaging. Not only does it keep your freshly baked products in the very best condition until they reach your customers, it also plays a key role in establishing your brand and enticing customers to reach out for a particular item when it’s on the shelf of a shop.

Bakery Packaging From Kitchen to Supermarket

More than most other forms of packaging, bakery packaging has to place an emphasis on food hygiene and freshness. We work closely with our clients to ensure that this is the case, and our in house design and manufacturing facilities mean that we can guarantee the quality of every piece of sustainable packaging we produce.

Whether we produce large scale orders or a small number of units, we utilise our SpeedSTOCK facilities to deliver at even the shortest notice and our IterumFIVE process to deliver bespoke, full colour designs.

We understand how flexible our bakery packaging has to be. It has to be robust enough to protect often delicate food items during transit, but still visually pleasing in a manner which will appeal to customers once it’s been placed in a retail environment.

The providers of baked goods have to meet a very wide range of legislative requirements involved in the provision of foodstuffs, and our packaging is always designed with these requirements in mind. Put all of this together and you have the ideal recipe for bakery packaging, designed to work equally well through every stage of the process.

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Bakery Packaging