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Chemical Packaging

Secure Your Supply Chain With Our Packaging for Chemicals

The most important role played by any packaging is to keep the contents in question secure and free from damage. This is particularly the case when considering chemical packaging. The dangerous nature of many chemicals, and the strict laws around transporting them, mean that the packaging used has to be of the very highest quality.

At Diamond Box we understand this, and work with our clients to provide sustainable chemical packaging which ensures that their supply chain is maintained at all times, and that the people handling those packages are always safe.

Chemical Packaging

Tried and Tested Chemical Packaging

Our technician’s work with scientific rigour to create packaging which is more than capable of providing the peace of mind required. In addition to standard industry packaging we are able to design bespoke solutions for specific circumstances.

If warnings are needed on the packaging, or colour coding to assist in safe storage and applicable transportation, we have the equipment that can make it happen. We’ll always work to combine robust structure with the kind of lightweight materials which help to cut down on shipping costs.

Whether your business deals with industrial chemicals, toxic substances or delicate materials, we’ll provide packaging that adheres to all relevant legislation and allows you to maintain the smoothest possible supply chain.

Our SpeedSTOCK facility means that we can easily supply packaging required to meet a very strict deadline, and we’re more than happy to deal with orders of any size. Combining precision, strength, value and quality, our packaging for chemicals will protect the products you deal with and the people who come into contact with them.

Contact us today on 0121 505 2211 , or by emailing sales@diamond-box.co.uk and our team will discuss exactly what we can provide for you.

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To Enquire today, give us a call on 0121 505 2211 or email sales@diamond-box.co.uk, our sales team will be more than happy to help.

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