Effective And Appealing Frozen Food Packaging

Food packaging is a complex and exact process in general, but this is particularly true when it comes to dealing with frozen food packaging. At Diamond Box we understand the complexities of the sector, and deliver sustainable packaging solutions which have been specifically developed with the demands of frozen food in mind. First and foremost, frozen food packaging has to be constructed in a manner which keeps the contents inside frozen and fit for consumption, but that’s really only the beginning of the story.

Seamless Supply Chains

The nature of frozen food means that the shipping and transportation process places a great deal of strain upon the packaging involved. Frozen food is often shipped on a global basis, and the length of the journey, combined with the conditions, place unique demands upon the packaging being used.

We’ve worked closely with clients to create packaging solutions which can meet these demands, and our in-house team of designers and technicians can create packaging for the widest possible range of frozen food. We understand the demands of the frozen food supply chain and can create packaging to meet very strict timetables using our SpeedSTOCK facility.

The fact that our packaging is also designed to be easy to utilise and handle means that you can rely on us to provide solutions which keep your products moving quickly, travelling from production to retail with sufficient speed.

The other factor demanded of the best frozen food packaging is that it plays a part in marketing the food once it’s been placed in the supermarket freezer. We’ll work with you to create bespoke packaging which ties in with your wider branding and makes your product stand out clearly when placed amongst the competition. Our IterumFIVE process enables colourful printing choices, and our designers will help to create solutions which play an active part in driving sales.

Contact us today on 0121 505 2211, or by emailing sales@diamond-box.co.uk and our team will discuss exactly what we can provide for you.

Frozen Food Packaging