Immaculate Packaging For Household Cleaning

Packaging for household cleaning products has to serve two purposes. In the first instance, it has to ensure that the products in question can be stored and shipped in complete safety. In the case of household cleaning products the items may contain chemicals which are corrosive or toxic, and this means that the packaging utilised has to meet all legislative requirements and ensure the safety of anyone handling the products. At Diamond Box we have wide experience of manufacturing sustainable packaging of this kind, and can promise that the solutions we provide will be fit for purpose, easy to use and lightweight enough to minimise shipping costs.

Consumer Friendly Household Cleaning Packaging

The second purpose served by household cleaning packaging is to differentiate your products when they are placed on the shelf of a supermarket. Our designers will work closely with you in order to create packaging which is designed to meet your wider branding and marketing efforts, and will ensure that the product in question will stand out from the competition.

Cleaning products come in a wide variety of formats, from powders and pastes to capsules, liquids and soaps. We can provide solutions for every one of these formats, tailoring the packaging to ensure a smooth operation of your supply chain from the moment the product leaves the factory to when a consumer takes it down from the shelf.

The packaging we create is also designed to carry on functioning once the product is being utilised in the home, because anything less would be hugely damaging to your professional reputation.

Our SpeedSTOCK facility enables us to meet bulk orders on very tight deadlines, and our IterumFIVE process means that we can create solutions with a wide colour palette. No matter what your requirements are we can meet them with the typical Diamond Box combination of quality and value.

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Manufacturers Of Household Cleaning Packaging